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Introduction to Avalanche (AVAX)

By January 24, 20222 minutes read
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We are pleased to announce the addition of Avalanche (AVAX) to the iTrustCapital platform. Start buying and selling AVAX in your Crypto IRA immediately! 

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What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a smart contract-enabled platform created by a group of Cornell computer scientists led by Emin Gün Sirer. The goal of the team was to address scalability, decentralization, and security issues experienced by blockchains. AVAX’s main purpose is to host decentralized Apps and private blockchains called subnets. Avalanche uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity language as some of its core infrastructure.

Avalanche uses a consensus protocol known as Proof of Stake (PoS). Consensus protocols are how blocks are verified and added to the blockchain. Proof of Stake differs from a protocol such as Proof of Work (PoW), which is used by Bitcoin and others. The PoS consensus protocol uses “validators”. These validators stake a set amount of their owned cryptocurrency (in this case: AVAX) and then use their computers to validate the correctness of transactions. Within the Avalanche model, validator nodes sample a small set of other validator nodes, who do the same to another set, and so on. This creates a “snowball” effect of agreement, or consensus, that eventually verifies the transaction with the entire system. When a validator completes a transaction, they receive rewards in the form of AVAX tokens. If they incorrectly validate, their stake is slashed.

Proof of Uptime and Proof of Correctness

Avalanche builds on Proof of Stake by using two additional scaling mechanisms to incentivize validator nodes to perform honestly. These are called Proof of Uptime and Proof of Correctness. Proof of Uptime scales rewards given to validators based on the amount of time they have been a validator node. Proof of Correctness scales validator rewards based on the historical accuracy of a node. In this way, Avalanche not only rewards validator nodes as other blockchains do, but increases the rewards based on ideal performance.

How Avalanche Works

 Avalanche, created and supported by Ava Labs, has a limited quantity of 720 million tokens. Half of these were created during its initial launch and distributed to investors, the team, and other shareholders. Additionally, all fees paid by users to carry out transactions are “burned” or deleted. This is different from how many blockchains use PoS, as typically fees are forwarded to the validator nodes. By using Proof of Uptime and Proof of Correctness, Avalanche intends to incentivize validators despite not paying them transaction fees. Burning fees increases the scarcity of AVAX tokens. This process is meant to offset the minting process to help the network’s longevity as Avalanche gains more users.

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