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Introducing Conditional Transactions on iTrustCapital!

By iTrustCapitalMay 10, 20221 minute read
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Introducing Conditional Transactions on iTrustCapital!

We’re excited to announce Conditional Transactions are now available on the iTrustCapital platform. Start using Conditional Transactions in your Crypto IRA today! Read more below:

The New Normal

iTrustCapital clients have been using market orders within their Crypto IRAs to buy and sell assets. But we know that sometimes, our clients can’t be at their devices to self-trade when they want, so we’re introducing Conditional Transactions. 

iTrustCapital clients will now be able to set conditions on their market orders, allowing them to set a buy and sell price for transactions without needing to manually execute them. 

That means more self-trading when you want it, and less screen time when you don’t!

Just set it, and forget it.

The Nuts and Bolts of Conditional Transactions

Though the iTrustCapital software platform currently offers market orders, transactions were limited to manual real-time input. Conditional Transactions takes that limitation away, executing transactions at market price when criteria are met, without the need for clients to be online. 

We are very excited for our clients to experience this new function, as it has been heavily requested! To learn more about Conditional Transactions, watch our How-To Video Walkthrough.

You can use Conditional Transactions in your iTrustCapital Dashboard Now. 

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