Setting up an iTrustCapital account is simple, and it all starts from our homepage, Even if you are not 100% sure you want to open a new IRA or know what is the best type of account for you. It’s not a bad idea to open a basic account with iTrust by putting in your email and clicking ‘GET STARTED.’

From there you will be prompted to fill out some basic information.

Don’t forget to enter your referral code if you have one.

You’ll then receive an email to verify the account. Note, no commitment to funding your IRA has been done. There is no cost until you go through the application process and sign a digital application.  

Access to dashboard 

The benefit of creating a basic iTrust account is that you get to see the easy-to-use dashboard where you can view the account and trade 24/7.  

Before you start your application

Once you have an iTrust account, you may want to schedule a call with one of our representatives to answer your questions. And clarify your options as to what type of IRA account and how you can fund your new account based on your specific situation. 

Information Center

Before your call, we advise you to spend some time on our iTrust-U page, which contains specific articles that address the most commonly asked questions. We find that those who read through this material have most of the information they need to make an informed decision about the direction they wish to go. 

Starting your application 

Once you are logged into your new iTrust account and are comfortable with the type of account and way you will be funding your new account, it’s time to start your application. You’ll find the Start Application button in your dashboard when logged in.

Personal Info

Start filling in the data wizard with your personal information and upload your I.D.



Account Info

Next is choosing the type of account you are opening and how it will be funded.  


Enter your current custodian or employer plan’s information.


Cash Contribution

If funding with cash, enter the amount you’ll start with.

Beneficiary Info

Your beneficiary information, which is someone or multiple people that will inherit your account, should something happen to you.


Almost done. Time to review your documents for accuracy.


Finally, you will enter your credit card info, which will cover your monthly fee ($29.95).

From there, you click Finish, and you’re set!  

What to Expect Next

Processing your account

Your information will be sent to our processing team for review. If we see any issues that we need clarification on, we will reach out to you. Otherwise, lookout for an email from us with your application to electronically sign via DocuSign. Once you sign your application, we will receive it automatically and submit it to SunWest Trust. A new account number is created within 1-2 business days.

Funding instructions

You will then receive a separate ‘Funding Email’ specific to the way you are funding your new account. The 3 funding options are Transfer from existing IRA, Rollover from an employer plan, or a new cash contribution. Note, if you are funding your new account from multiple sources, you may receive multiple emails to explain the different processes. 

Ready to trade

Once your funds are received and cleared by SunWest Trust, they will post to your account. You will receive a notification email and can log in to your account, where you will see your funds in USD and ready to start trading immediately.  

Additional items to be aware of:

  1. All accounts are subject to a 7-day hold from the date the application is signed due to the right of rescission law for IRAs. That means that even if your funds are received and cleared before the 7th day, they will not be released into your account until the 7th day.
  2. Checks received by SunWest Trust are subject to a 5 business day hold before funds are released.