July 31st Service Update

By iTrustCapitalJuly 31, 20222 minutes read
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Update on Service Disruption 8/01/22 05:21:16 PST

iTrust made significant progress today on the investigation and recovery process from this weekend's disruption in service. Through this process, we have maintained priority focus on customer assets and the security of the platform. We anticipate full accessibility within the next 24 hours, and will notify our clients when systems are live.

Update on Service Disruption 7/31/22 03:25:12 PST

On Friday, July 29, iTrust Capital experienced a network incident that disrupted our DNS hosting service and took our website down. As soon as the incident occurred, we requested our custody vendors lock customer assets to ensure their security while we investigate. Since Friday, there has been no access to or trading with customer assets.

As a reminder, iTrust does not hold customer assets. Assets held by custody vendors have not been impacted, it is the ability to access them from our systems that is down.

We are continuing to investigate and assess our systems to confirm their functionality.

In order to ensure the security of our systems and platform, login access will be restricted and assets will remain secured with the custody vendors until our investigation is complete. For individuals who accessed their accounts this weekend, their wallets represented a $0 balance because our system was isolated from the custody vendors.

Additionally, there are reports of fraudulent phishing activity regarding client iTrust accounts. iTrust is not currently contacting clients by phone, email or otherwise asking for credentials. Do not respond to any attempts to obtain this information.

Our responsibility is to our customers, their data and their assets, and we take that seriously. We will restore access when we are confident in a secure and fully functional experience for our users.

We will provide further updates when they are available.

- iTrustCapital Team


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