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iTrustCapital Launches Conditional Transactions

iTrustCapital Contact: Kevin Maloney, MBA Investor Relations [email protected]   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iTrustCapital Launches Conditional Transactions Feature  IRVINE, Ca...
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iTrustCapital Contact:

Kevin Maloney, MBA

Investor Relations

[email protected]



iTrustCapital Launches Conditional Transactions Feature 

IRVINE, Calif.(June 29, 2022) –iTrustCapital, awarded best crypto investment platform*, recently introduced Conditional Transactions as an added feature for its users. Conditional Transactions allow clients to set price conditions above or below current market prices under which a market order will be executed to enter/exit positions automatically if an asset reaches the desired market price. Conditional Transactions on the iTrustCapital platform offer users the ability to execute transactions automatically when price parameters are met. 

Since releasing the feature in May 2022, the Company has seen a 59% month-over-month increase in Conditional Transaction volume; 73% of the volume can be attributed to buys on the platform. The first half of June 2022 saw the 8th largest transaction volume day in the Company’s history. 

“We’re thrilled with the usage of Conditional Transactions on the platform since its launch, with the average daily conditional transaction volume above 10 percent”, said Andrey Chabanov, Head of Product. “Segments of our client-base have embraced this simple, but effective, feature.”

The Company has shown continuous growth, with a wide range of users actively engaged in asset offerings. iTrustCapital recently reached more than $5 billion USD in total transaction volume on its software platform, showing a leap of 60% after tipping $2 billion in transaction volume just nine months prior.

In January of this year, iTrustCapital announced a Series A round at a valuation exceeding $1.3 billion. The Company aims to expand products and services, scale client service and development teams, and launch additional marketing channels. The Company recently moved to new office space, anchoring the headquarters in Irvine, California.  

About iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital, named Innovator of the Year in 2021*, allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the tax advantages** of an IRA. iTrustCapital's software platform aims to eliminate the costly inefficiencies and outdated processes of previous IRA models, revolutionizing access to various digital assets through retirement accounts – at costs lower than other IRA companies. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, iTrustCapital was founded in 2018 by Todd Southwick and Blake Skadron. iTrustCapital's software platform is available to all qualified US-based investors (excluding NY and HI) and in connection with its partners currently provides access to29 cryptocurrencies, as well as physical gold and silver. New assets are being added frequently to meet demand and expand available offerings.


*Internet Marketing Association, Impact21 - Awards include Innovator of the Year and Best Crypto Investment Platform.

**Some taxes and conditions may apply.

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