We at iTrustCaptial surprised our client’s last Wednesday by releasing Polkadot (DOT) without any pre-announcements that it was coming.  What’s better than getting a gift you had no idea was coming?


The excitement was quite evident by the sheer volume of traffic that hit our site that day.  Many clients who already had funded iTrust accounts wasted no time to buy the DOT!   At the time, Polkadot was trading around the $23 level, and today, only 48 hours later, it’s approximately $29.  That is a 25% increase! 


Did the DOT community’s excitement of being able to now invest in their favorite cryptocurrency tax-free trigger the recent spike?  Probably not, but it sure is great that investors can now easily buy DOT in tax-advantaged IRAs.  


Crypto Investing Through an IRA vs. Non-IRA


What’s Coming Next

iTrustCapital is committed to adding several top market cap cryptocurrencies in 2021.  We want to give the gift of tax advantage investing to as many investors as we can. 

Wouldn’t it be Stellar if your favorite crypto was next?!


The 3 Ways to Fund your iTrustCapital IRA