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Crypto IRA Prep for the 2022 Tax Season

By iTrustCapitalMarch 02, 20222 minutes read
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It looks like we’re approaching everyone’s favorite season, so we thought we should offer some quick tips. 

Yep, we’re talking tax season!

iTrustCapital provides an IRA software platform for investing in crypto through your retirement account. But, how do these types of accounts factor into your yearly taxes? After all, we thought it was tax-free*!

Well, for clients with Traditional IRAs who are not taking distributions, we have good news. iTrustCapital works with third party IRA custodians who handle the tax forms required for Traditional IRA accounts, unless you are taking distributions.

If you have begun taking distributions, we recommend consulting with a tax professional to make sure you complete all the necessary steps for filing this year. Remember, iTrustCapital does not provide legal, investment or tax advice.

Roth IRAs are different from Traditional IRAs. You may not need to pay taxes, but you may need to fill out a few forms. If you converted an account into a Roth, you may also fall into this category. These forms may include a Form 1099-R, Form 1040 or 1040A, and Form 8606, among others.

We recommend consulting with a tax professional for more details on what you’ll need, and to ensure you complete all your requirements. For more information and guidance from the IRS, go to  

There’s definitely some great information at the link above, so if you’re hungry for more tax info, we recommend visiting the IRS website!

*Some taxes and conditions may apply.


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