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How iTrustCapital Securely Stores Gold and Silver

By iTrustCapitalSeptember 23, 20202 minutes read
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How We Store Physical Gold & Silver

iTrustCapital is proud to utilize Kitco’s VaultChainTM to offer our clients the most advanced way to invest in physical gold and silver. VaultCahinTM is not a security, derivative, future or other financial contract. It is investment grade, physical fine gold and silver, vaulted at the Royal Canadian Mint.

VaultChainTM Details & FAQs

  • VaultChainTM is held, secured and audited at the Royal Canadian Mint's vault, a highly secure, world-class storage facility. As a VaultChainTM holder, you have full title to your holdings at all times with the title managed by a cryptographically secure blockchain database.

  • This revolutionary platform offers 1:1 direct ownership of fine gold & silver, stored securely within the Royal Canadian Mint's vault and allocated exclusively for VaultChainTM holders. As an owner of VaultChainTM, you have full title to your holdings at all times, plus the flexibility to buy, sell, hold or request physical delivery of your precious metals. Ideal for any investor would that be small, medium or institutional. 

Additional Security Measures

  • The Mint is exceptionally secure. All precious metals stored within the RCM’s network of vaults are guaranteed ounce for ounce by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada.

  • Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada, an AAA-rated sovereign institution.

  • All bars are weighed on deposit, and all inventory is counted on a quarterly basis.

  • The Mint is audited annually by the Government of Canada’s Office of the Auditor General.

  • Control processes put in place:

    • Tradewind conducts daily end-of-day reconciliation with RCM

    • Tradewind requires real-time reconciliations any time any metals moves into or out of VaultChainTM


General FAQs

What is the Tradewind Platform?

  • The Tradewind Platform is an electronic market and blockchain technology solution that connects market participants and enables them to deal in VaultChainTM.

Are my VaultChain Holdings Audited?

  • The Royal Canadian Mint is a Crown Corporation and therefore does audits through the Auditor General of Canada. The audit results are on the public record.

Is VaultChain a Cryptocurrency?

  • No. VaultChainTM leverages elements of the same technology underpinning Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. However, the Tradewind Platform is a private and permissioned ecosystem limited to regulated dealers and institutions.

    It is backed by 100% physical gold & silver vaulted and guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint.