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The Most Boring Company in Crypto

By Todd SouthwickJuly 13, 20222 minutes read

“Crypto winter”, “bear market”, “crypto is dead”, “it’s all a scam”.

We’ve heard the news lately regarding different organizations within the crypto space that have had their share of issues. This industry has seen volatility, and unfortunately, not all companies have acted in good faith.

In emerging industries, it’s common to see flashes in the pan: companies or characters intent on acting larger than life while over-promising and under-delivering. The concept of instant success and wealth is seductive in a booming market, but oftentimes the rug is pulled and reality hits when the market turns. We understand this dichotomy. We choose to be boring, pragmatic, and responsible. While we are providing a service within a flashy industry, iTrustCapital thrives on good-ol’-fashioned, sustainable business.

iTrustCapital was founded on the principles of being methodical and deliberate in everything we do. That applies to the team members we bring on, how we interact with and support our clients, and the features and products that we add to our platform. We understand there may be other provider options out there. We also know that at times, the decisions we’ve made haven’t been the most popular. But, we’ve approached these decisions with the same principles: methodical and deliberate decision-making. In an industry that can be construed as chaotic at times, it is imperative for us to stay true to form so that we can give attention to detail, focus on security of assets, be pragmatic, and do what is best for our clients. We aim to be our own toughest critics. 

Recently, attention has been drawn to how certain companies in the crypto space store and secure the assets of their clients. At iTrustCapital, the assets that belong to our clients are their own, not ours. We’re here to provide a service: letting you self-trade cryptocurrency in a self-directed IRA. We want each and every one of our clients to be confident that they’ve made a sound decision by choosing us.

While we may not always add the shiniest new assets or the flavor of the week, our clients can rest assured that we have done our due diligence on both security and accountability. We use multiple third-party vendors for security and custodial services, all of which have been subject to scrupulous analysis. When we introduce an asset or a feature to our platform, you can rest assured that we have given its security and viability proper attention.

That’s why you don’t hear much about iTrustCapital in the news or social channels. Both behind the scenes and in practice, we put our clients first. While you may not see commercials for us during every major sporting event, know that this team is hustling, and is dedicated to delivering our clients an honest experience. We are diligently working to be more communicative and transparent with our clients on future developments. We’d much rather under-promise and over-deliver. When it comes to your retirement: consistency and responsibility are typically good things, and that’s what we strive for. So yes, a little bit of boring goes a long way. 

-Todd Southwick


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