Do you have a Bitcoin/Crypto IRA with a different company?

iTrustCapital has helped clients transfer more than $110 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency from Zombie Crypto IRA providers in the last 12 months. In almost all cases, our clients DO NOT have to liquidate their cryptocurrency to do it. This process is known as an In-Kind Transfer.

Why make the switch?

  1. Fees – Lowest and most transparent fees of any Crypto IRA.
  2. 24/7 Trading – Access and trade your account 24/7. 
  3. Secure Insured Storage
    1. iTrust’s clients get institutional custody through Curv’s MPC Cold Storage Protocol
    2. iTrustCapital Integrates Coinbase Custody for Digital Asset Security
  4.  More Crypto Assets to invest in.  See all the crypto available.
*BONUS: For a limited time get 6-months of account fees waived on all In-Kind Transfers!  And YES, you can combine this bonus with other promo codes. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

“But I already paid an outrageous upfront fee with the other company. Does it still make sense to transfer?”

Yes, because in addition to other providers charging upfront fees of up to 15%, they also charge higher account and storage fees that go up as the value of your account rises. iTrust’s monthly account fee of $29.95 covers unlimited institutional storage for both cryptocurrencies and precious metals and is fixed regardless of your account value.  


“I’m more of a buy and holder than a trader.”

We understand. A large percentage of our clients consider themselves more holders than traders. However, isn’t it essential to have the ability to sell if you see a considerable spike to protect your gains or buy when the market dips? 

The Crypto market is exceptionally volatile, and being able to make moves 24/7 without paying huge trading fees is essential. Plus, one of the key benefits of investing through an IRA is there are no taxable events on trades. 


“This is making a lot of sense to me, but I’m sure it’s hard to do, right?”

It’s as easy as transferring any other IRA. Our specialists will not only guide you every step of the way but also follow up with your previous IRA provider until your assets are transferred into your new iTrustCapital IRA.


“How do I know if I qualify for the free months?”

Any client who initiates an In-Kind Transfer between the dates of April 30th, 2021 until July 31st, 2021 will receive the 6 months free. We know that many zombie Crypto IRA companies can take weeks to actually send over your funds, so in order to qualify you simply have to have started the initiation process between April 30th and July 31st – you are not required to have the funds arrive and/or complete a trade between these dates.


“What if I have a Promo Code that already gives me 1 month free?”

You can still use your favorite influencers’ promo code, which simply will stack on top of this promotion. So if you find a promo code for 1 month free, that means you get 7 months of account fees waived!


“Okay, let’s do it! How do I get started?”

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Establish a Free iTrustCapital IRA.  Step by Step Guide to Get Started
  2. Once your new iTrust IRA is established, we will email you a transfer form to fill out. Select In-Kind, list your Crypto Assets, and amounts. 
  3. Email your signed transfer form back to our processing team. 


Our processing team will take care of everything from there. We will forward your transfer request to your previous custodian and follow up as needed until your Crypto assets are transferred into your iTrustCapital account. You will be notified when the process is complete and will see your assets on your dashboard. 


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Stop getting gouged on fees with other Bitcoin IRAs, schedule a call to speak with an In-Kind Specialist to answer your questions. 

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