• iTrustCapital– We have the lowest and most transparent costs in the industry by far! We are proud of our business model and post our fees upfront for all to see. You don’t have to give us your name, phone number, and email to learn what an iTrust account will cost.  See our fees


  • Competitors – Not one other Bitcoin/Crypto IRA company posts their fees upfront. There is a good reason for this; they are embarrassed and know that no one will go for it. So they use tricks to gather a potential customer’s personal information so that they can have a commissioned salesperson call them and try to convince them before going over their fees.  
    • Other companies will TRY to take up to 15% of your retirement account off the top!  Charge $240 per year account fee, .05-.07% of your account value monthly for storage, 2% to sell, and 6% to rebuy.  

Takeaway: Be sure to get all fees in writing from anyone you are considering doing business with.


  • iTrustCapital – We use Curv to custody client’s digital assets. Curv is Soc 2 certified, backed by the largest Venture Capital firms in Crypto, and stores digital assets for institutions like Franklin Templeton and eToro. They also have a $50 Million insurance policy.  Learn more about Curv


  • Competitors – Most other Bitcoin/Crypto IRA providers do not disclose exactly how they store client’s assets. Some may say “cold storage,” but that could be nothing more than holding your assets on a personal ledger device. By the way, that is actually how one of the other companies stores assets, which is a disaster waiting to happen due to the single point of failure potential. 

Takeaway: Be sure to read a public whitepaper on how your assets are being stored and that it is truly at an institutional level. 


24/7 Trading Ability

  • iTrustCapital – As an iTrust client, you will be able to log into your account and make trades 24/7. Trades execute within 2 minutes and settle within 15 minutes.


  • Competitors – Only one other Bitcoin/Crypto IRA company has any kind of a platform. For the others, you will be forced to call in during business hours to transact and check your values. 

Takeaway:  What year is it, 2020 or 1980? Crypto trades 24/7/365; you need to have access to your account at all times.



Client Reviews

  • iTrustCapital – We have new reviews from clients posted almost daily. You can click a link directly from our homepage to read them all. See iTrustCapital reviews on Trustpilot.
    • Note – not all of our reviews are 5-stars. That’s because they are real reviews from real clients, and no legitimate company has nothing but perfect reviews.


  • Competitors – Some Bitcoin/Crypto IRA companies claim they have thousands of 5-star reviews. Some even display how many they claim to have on their website. 
    • However, they don’t provide any links to the reviews, which is very odd for a company not to want potential new customers to access great reviews from current customers easily. If you investigate further, you will find there are review sites, but little to no reviews posted recently. Also, digging deeper, you will see that many reviews appear to be written by people who have no command of the English language. Strange considering IRAs are only available to U.S. investors.

Takeaway: See real reviews from iTrust clients who moved their accounts from other Bitcoin/Crypto IRA companies. You will not find one review of any iTrustCapital client who moved their iTrust account to one of our competitors anywhere. 



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