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Trade Cryptocurrency & Physical Gold in Your IRA/401K

Lowest Cost 24/7 IRA Trading Platform

Tax Advantages

Trades are Tax-Free in an IRA

Any investment made inside of an IRA is sheltered from taxable events. All gains made in a Traditional, Simple or SEP IRA are tax-deferred until funds are withdrawn. Gains made in a Roth IRA are tax-free as long as no funds are removed until the age of 59 ½.

Low Costs

1% transaction fees

Costs as much as 90% lower than other IRA providers. Many Cryptocurrency IRA companies charge up to 15% transaction fees. Many physical Gold IRA companies charge a 30% spread. Paying this much just doesn’t make sense.


Trade 24 hours a day

Unlike many Cryptocurrency and physical Gold IRA providers, you can buy and sell 24 hours a day without speaking to a commissioned salesperson. We believe if the market is open, we should be too.

IRS Compliant

Avoids legal complexity

The ‘Checkbook LLC’ model requires a new LLC, and business bank account must be opened and maintained. Clients are tasked with record keeping and filing which can be complicated. An additional risk is taken according to legal experts who believe that these accounts are not IRS compliant and can be considered distributions which would create a taxable event and possibly other penalties.

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