Join the New iTrustCapital Affiliate Program

Join the iTrustCapital Affiliate Program

Earn Rewards by Promoting iTrustCapital to Your Audience

The iTrustCapital Affiliate Program is relaunching—bigger and better! As a leader in crypto investment innovation, iTrustCapital is excited to invite you to join our Affiliate Program, offering a competitive payout structure of $300 per eligible account funded. Read on! 

Top Tier Payments, Simple and Straightforward. Get Paid $300 Per Account Funded.

You get paid $300 when an eligible U.S. customer uses your referral link to open and fund an account with iTrustCapital. We want to take Crypto IRAs mainstream, and that means making sure that our Affiliate Program is best-in-class for the industry.


What's in it for Your Audience?

New Account Funding Reward of $100

When your audience creates and funds a new account using your referral link, they receive a $100 Reward. This Reward is added to their new iTrustCapital account balance within 45 days of funding. Learn more about the New Account Funding Reward here.


24/7 Tracking and Reporting

Receive log-in credentials that allow you to see your performance as an iTrustCapital Affiliate in real time. This means knowing—around the clock—how many clicks, email subscriptions, sign-ups (and more!) that you are generating.


How it works

  1. Become an Affiliate

    1. Fill out an application now! Once our team has reviewed and approved your application, you’ll get access to promotional materials, our tracking software, and of course: industry leading affiliate payments!

  2. Promote iTrustCapital Using Your Referral Link

    1. Link to iTrustCapital articles, social media channels, and websites. Plus, use the content available to you via Everflow (our Affiliate management platform) to place iTrustCapital ads on your website. And don’t forget to share your referral link!

  3. Industry-Leading Affiliate Payments

    1. When new customers join iTrustCapital by using your referral link, you get paid $300 for each new iTrustCapital account that’s funded, an industry-leading payout structure.


Exclusive iTrustCapital Affiliate Benefits

Phone payment

Convenient Payments

Get paid electronically every month.


High Converting Offer

iTrustCapital is an award-winning platform that allows clients to buy and sell crypto 24/7 inside their self-directed retirement account, with no set-up fees and no monthly fees. Add in a $100 Funding Reward, and it’s a win-win for your audience and you!


Fresh & Frequent Content

We frequently provide Affiliates with fresh content. We’re here to support your success by supplying marketing materials, product updates, and more.


Expert Insights and Professional Media Production

We work with a team of industry experts and have our own professional studio for media production. If you need interviews, commentary, quotes, or any other promotional video materials—just ask!

Interested in becoming an Affiliate?