“iTrustCapital is excited to partner with Dillon Gage Metals to offer DG Gold. DGGold is the most advanced way to own physical Gold in an IRA. Unlike most other gold IRA providers, it offers transparent, fair pricing with 24/5 liquidy. With DGGold, iTrustCapital will reshape the Gold IRA industry!”

Blake Skadron, Chief Operating Officer

How It Works

  • Through the iTrustCapital dashboard, clients connect with Dillon Gage Metals to conveniently and safely buy, sell and store any quantity of investment-grade physical gold using blockchain technology – even fractional ounces.
  • One hundred percent of the gold is deposited in reserve as physical gold in the highly-secure vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint. Investors have complete ownership over their gold holdings and can request physical delivery in a variety of forms at any time.
  • Gold ownership is verified using Tradewind’s blockchain distributed ledger to ensure data accuracy and tracking any time.

Why It Benefits Investors

  • Unlike a gold ETF, there is no intermediate entity or fund, and no management fees.
  • Investors can purchase any quantity of physical gold, even fractional ounces. There are no associated storage fees.
  • Owners of DGGold can independently verify 100 percent ownership of the gold holdings and request physical delivery at any time.
  • Additional costs apply for delivery
  • Taking delivery out of an IRA may result in a taxable event
  • If under the age of 59 ½ years taking an early distribution from an IRA may result in a 10% penalty

About Dillon Gage Metals

Dillon Gage Metals is one of the world’s largest precious metals wholesale trading firms. The firm is an authorized purchaser for all major world mints and maintains inventory in over 20 countries around the world. Additionally, the company provides advanced tools and technologies that enable market participants to be more successful in their businesses, allowing electronic trading and offering cloud-based solutions for the physical precious metals marketplace.