It was just a matter of time before Physical Silver would be available on the iTrustCapital IRA platform, and that time is NOW!

iTrustCapital announces the first-ever IRA to offer VaultChainTM Silver. Now clients can buy and sell physical Silver alongside Gold, Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies, 24/7. Utilizing Kitco for trade execution, VaultchainTM, the same system used for gold, allows clients to own Physical Silver securely stored at the Royal Canadian Mint with title managed by a cryptographically secure blockchain. Learn more

Low Fees

Because VaultchainTM is the most technologically advanced way to buy and sell precious metals, iTrustCapital can offer physical silver at only $2.50 over spot per ounce

Making it not only the lowest cost silver available in an IRA but just about the lowest cost silver available anywhere! See our fees



Institutional Storage 

All precious metals on the iTrust platform are stored in the secure vaults at the Royal Canadian Mint. Although there are higher costs to store Silver than gold, iTrust will NOT increase the monthly account cost of $29.95, which includes unlimited institutional storage of all assets available through iTrust.

24/7 Liquidity

Unlike other IRA providers that offer physical silver, iTrust’s clients can buy and sell 24/7 from their personal dashboards, and all trades settle in 15 minutes or less.


The iTrustCapital experience is unlike any other Gold, Silver or Crypto IRA 

  • No dealing with commissioned sales reps.
  • No buying/selling ONLY during business hours.
  • No haggling over prices.
  • No specialty coins with huge mark-ups and premiums.  


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