iTrustCapital, First To Launch Crypto IRA Staking.

iTrustCapital Contact: Kevin Maloney Investor Relations [email protected] First To Launch Crypto IRA Staking; iTrustCapital Continues Advancing Self Directed Retirement A...
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iTrustCapital Contact:

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First To Launch Crypto IRA Staking; iTrustCapital Continues Advancing Self Directed Retirement Access

IRVINE, Calif.(September 29), 2022) –iTrustCapital, awarded best crypto investment platform in 2021* and 2022**, has officially launched staking as its newest feature. Staking allows clients to “stake” some of their specified cryptocurrency holdings and potentially earn a percentage-rate reward over time, directly within their Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 

It's important to note that while staked assets generate rewards, staking should not be confused with peer-to-peer lending. Staking allows individuals to deploy their assets by participating in the verification of blockchain transactions, while lending providers often leverage risky trading strategies to generate yield. Staked assets are not removed from the tax-advantaged structure of the IRA.

Staking is now open to any client of iTrustCapital who holds a 5 DOT minimum in their account. Once enrolled in the staking pool, clients have the potential to earn rewards of up to 9.5% APY. Currently in beta, more than 3,400 clients participated in the inaugural staking pool, with over 35% of DOT held by iTrustCapital clients staked in total. 

The initial staking pool holding period is 90 days, meaning clients are not able to sell the DOT assets that they have pledged to stake during that time. After 90 days, the client is able to resume transacting with previously staked DOT, and will be granted their staking reward, if applicable. 

iTrustCapital is the first self-directed Crypto IRA platform to offer this feature to its user base. The addition has required a large amount of technological advancement and expertise, and has been a priority project for the Company. Staking can be implemented via desktop or the iTrustCapital mobile app, which is currently available for download on the App Store®. 

“We are thrilled to have added staking to our platform, a feature we have been focused on for over a year,” said Blake Skadron, Chief Vision Officer of iTrustCapital. “A core value of iTrustCapital is listening to our clients and executing accordingly. We are humbled by the participation we’ve seen from our user base as we continually work to add advanced features.” 

About iTrustCapital

Headquartered in Irvine, CA,iTrustCapital was founded in 2018 with a mission and vision to disrupt the self-directed IRA industry by empowering clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with certain tax advantages.*** In 2021, iTrustCapital was voted Innovator of the Year and Best Crypto Investment Platform by the IMA Impact21 Awards. iTrustCapital's revolutionary software platform eliminates the costly inefficiencies and outdated processes of previous IRA models, opening the door for clients to access and self-trade various digital assets through their IRAs. iTrustCapital's software platform is available to all qualified US-based investors (excluding NY and HI) and in connection with its partners currently provides access to 29Cryptocurrencies as well as physical gold and silver. New digital assets are added frequently to meet client demand.

iTrustCapital, in connection with its partners and vendors, has attracted more than $2 billion in assets and more than 40,000 client-funded accounts since inception. The company grew from $2 billion to $6 billion in total transaction volume over the last year and has received more than 2,200Trust Pilot reviews, boasting an "Excellent" 4.4-star average rating. iTrustCapital has consistently garnered excellent ratings and offers some of the lowest fees among its competitors while focusing on efficiencies made possible through scalable technology and a commitment to delivering an excellent client experience.Transforming this self-directed IRA market will help unleash$13 trillion worth of U.S retirement assets into alternative assets.


*Internet Marketing Association, Impact21- Awards include Innovator of the Year and Best Crypto Investment Platform.

**Best Crypto IRA Investment Platform, USA- Wealth & Finance International’s FinTech Awards 2022

***Some taxes and conditions may apply.

iTrust Capital, Inc. is not an exchange, funding portal, custodian, trust company, licensed broker, dealer, broker-dealer, investment advisor, investment manager, or adviser in the United States or elsewhere. iTrust Capital, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not endorse any particular cryptocurrency, precious metal, or investment strategy.

Cryptocurrencies are a speculative investment with risk of loss. Precious metals are a speculative investment with risk of loss. Cryptocurrency is not legal tender backed by the United States government, nor is it subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) insurance or protections. The self-directed purchase and sale of cryptocurrency through a cryptocurrency IRA have not been endorsed by the IRS or any regulatory agency. Historical performance is no guarantee of future results.

Some taxes and conditions may apply depending on the type of IRA account. ​​Investors assume the risk of all purchase and sale decisions. iTrust Capital, Inc. makes no guarantee or representation regarding investors’ ability to profit from any transaction or the tax implications of any transaction. iTrust Capital, Inc. does not provide legal, investment or tax advice. Consult a qualified legal, investment, or tax professional.

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