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iTrustCapital Surpasses $5 Billion in Crypto IRA Transactions; Marking a 60% Increase in Nine Months

IRVINE, Calif.(April 20, 2022) – iTrustCapital, awarded best software platform in America for buying and selling cryptocurrencies through individual retirement accounts (IRAs),* ha...
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IRVINE, Calif.(April 20, 2022) – iTrustCapital, awarded best software platform in America for buying and selling cryptocurrencies through individual retirement accounts (IRAs),* has announced reaching $5 billion in total transaction volume. This 60% growth comes after tipping $2 billion in transaction volume just nine months prior.

Chief Executive Officer, Todd Southwick, attributes this rapid growth to iTrust's seamless user experience. "Digital Asset investing can be intimidating - especially when combined with an IRA. Once a client makes an investment decision, our platform does all the heavy lifting for the consumer, making the process more accessible to the broader market of retail investors."

Many of the Company's users are self-trading cryptocurrency for the first time, and the age demographics range from millennials and working professionals to senior citizens.   The Company originally implemented a monthly fee of $29, which was dropped last year. It now only charges a 1% buy/sell transaction fee on cryptocurrency transactions.

In January this year, iTrustCapital completed a Series A round at a valuation exceeding $1.3 billion. The proceeds are being used to expand products and services, scale client service and development teams, and launch additional marketing channels. The Company is also anticipating hiring up to 50 additional employees this year at their new headquarters, located in Irvine, California.  

iTrustCapital, in coordination with its partners, has attracted nearly 35,000 client-funded accounts since inception and has received more than 1,950Trust Pilot reviews, boasting an "Excellent" 4.5-star average rating. The Company has consistently garnered excellent ratings and offers some of the lowest fees among its competitors while focusing on efficiencies made possible through scalable technology and a commitment to delivering an excellent client experience.

About iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital, named best Crypto IRA software platform* in America, allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the tax advantages** of their IRA. iTrustCapital's revolutionary Fintech software platform eliminates the costly inefficiencies and outdated processes of previous IRA models, opening the door for investors to access various digital assets through their retirement accounts – at costs lower than other IRA companies. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, iTrustCapital was founded in 2018 by Todd Southwick and Blake Skadron. iTrustCapital's software platform is available to all qualified US-based investors (excluding NY and HI) and in connection with its partners currently provides access to28 cryptocurrencies, as well as physical gold and silver. New assets are added frequently to meet demand.


*Internet Marketing Association, Impact21 - Awards include Innovator of the Year and Best Crypto Investment Platform.

**Some taxes and conditions may apply.

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Cryptocurrencies are a speculative investment with risk of loss. Precious metals are a speculative investment with risk of loss. Cryptocurrency is not legal tender backed by the United States government, nor is it subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) insurance or protections. The self-directed purchase and sale of cryptocurrency through a cryptocurrency IRA have not been endorsed by the IRS or any regulatory agency. Historical performance is no guarantee of future results.

Some taxes and conditions may apply depending on the type of IRA account. ​​Investors assume the risk of all purchase and sale decisions. iTrust Capital, Inc. makes no guarantee or representation regarding investors’ ability to profit from any transaction or the tax implications of any transaction. iTrust Capital, Inc. does not provide legal, investment or tax advice. Consult a qualified legal, investment, or tax professional.

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