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Crypto Gets Swept Up in International Tax Evasion Crackdown

2020-04-27T21:44:37+00:00January 12th, 2020|

By CCN: An international tax evasion authority comprising five major global economic powers is taking cryptocurrency seriously. A year ago, five world powers created the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, or J5, with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. The J5 Group including tax authorities… ...There are legal ways to pay lower taxes on cryptocurrency trading. These are called “tax avoidance.” One is the use of an IRA in the United States for crypto trading

New Platform Lets Users Trade Crypto and Gold in Personal IRA

2020-04-25T18:42:24+00:00January 6th, 2020|

iTrustCapital says it is offering a new type of platform where users can easily set up an individual retirement account, fund it and use it to begin trading cryptocurrencies — with precious metals to be added soon. This provides a “safe, affordable, and efficient alternative” to existing Self-Directed IRAs, all while keeping the client in full IRS compliance.

iTrustCapital Appoints PIMCO Veteran Rich Hauschild as CTO

2020-04-27T15:48:38+00:00September 24th, 2019|

September 24, 2019 LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- iTrustCapital, a Digital Asset trading platform that lets investors buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold within U.S. retirement accounts, appoints FinTech veteran Rich Hauschild as CTO. Rich ....

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