USC Athletics Partners With iTrustCapital

By August 10, 20223 minutes read

USC Athletics Partners With iTrustCapital

LOS ANGELES – USC Athletics and iTrustCapital have formed a partnership, making iTrustCapital the official crypto platform of the USC Trojans.

As part of this sponsorship, iTrustCapital will have a strong presence through banners, on-site activations and additional advertisements for the football and basketball seasons. Additionally, custom signs will be displayed in and around the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the home of USC's football team, and the Galen Center, host to Trojan home basketball games. iTrustCapital will hold special fan-centric events and promotional activities both before and after many events throughout the football and basketball seasons.

"The legacy and community of USC aligns with the values and mission of iTrustCapital. As pillars of Southern California culture, we're proud to work with USC and continually support its long-standing success, both on and off the field," said Trever Gregory, Chief Operating Officer of iTrustCapital. "By partnering with USC Athletics, iTrustCapital aims to empower all Trojans, current students and active alumni, with knowledge and experience in retirement savings and investment." 

"We are excited to welcome iTrustCapital as one of our newest partners," said USC Athletics Director Mike Bohn. "In alignment with our vision to be the most student-athlete centered program in the country, we embrace creative, unique and modern opportunities to enhance the USC Athletics brand. iTrustCapital's attentiveness to community initiatives and supporting greater Southern California aligns with our vision and represents the foundation of this partnership. We are grateful to iTrustCapital for their commitment to our program, university and community."

USC Athletics has an incredibly strong and recognizable heritage; Trojan teams have won an impressive 133 national championships, with a long-standing tradition of nurturing accomplished student-athletes. 

iTrustCapital has seen explosive growth since its founding in 2018, with more than 38,000 client-funded accounts since inception and recently surpassing $5.5 billion in total transaction volume. The business prides itself on an incredibly easy-to-use platform that eliminates intimidation and makes investing simple and safe.

"The positive impact of cryptocurrency in sports business has been significant in a short time period," said Drew DeHart, vice president/general manager of USC Sports Properties. "The partnership with iTrustCapital gives Trojans access to information for those who are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency."

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